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At the very beginning and end of every day I invest in this project, is the understanding of the potential of qualities that the geometric properties the pyramid shape brings into play. Fortunately, I am not alone in my passion and desire to qualify this work as it unfolds. To that end, I have included a few links to some noted world experts on the subject.

John DeSalvo, Ph. D. ~ Director of the "Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association"

After reading numerous articles, you like I will begin to realize that the space within a pyramid shape enjoys a curtain "electromagnetic friction free zone".

With the absence of friction, we begin to observe:

  • plants growing faster and larger
  • the reduction of oxidization in metals
  • less viscosity in liquids
  • a change in electromagnetic fields


This environment should very much be considered a catalyst in that it does not cause events but rather causes them to occur with less friction. As we move forward through the design phases of this project, I'll continue to share our own testing of various scale models and prototypes that employ this geo-technology in the following research areas:

  • Water purification
  • Improved mental retention
  • Improved healing treatments
  • Improved communication
  • Improved Energy conversion


The Pyramid Project: Affirmation Article Archives database Index


This index is intended to present an initial order to the Affirmation Article Archives database regarding each major Module unit type supported by The Pyramid Project.

This Archive is one of the very best ways in I have found to offer the potential investor a an overall view of demographic trends and approaches that will enhance the consumer experience. It serves as a solid profit model to evaluate the potential and forward thinking of the overall design. To access any or all of the articles, simply type the provided link into your favorite browser’s address window. This will take you to the Internet version (including pictures) of the original posting.

The Research index system is designed as follows:

  • The first Index field reflects the types of Module designs currently under development.
    • Overall Environment
    • Entertainment/Inspiration
    • Health/Healing
    • Retreat/Information
    • Gaming/Expression
  • The second Index field is shown in the first column below. This breaks out each Module type into major subject headings.
  • The third Index field delineates the articles into specific areas of interest.

Research Index Fields two and three






























A "color coded" example listed below notes an article about Microsoft’s approach to brainstorming…

The Index tree would be:

  • Information
    • Technology
      • Processes

The source is listed as: USA Today on 11-Jul-07

The article title: Microsoft cultures creativity in unique lab

Information Technology Processes 11-Jul-07 USA Today Microsoft cultures creativity in unique lab

Article Heading Links: Entertainment ~ Environment ~ Gaming ~ Health ~ Information ~ Inspiration


The Pyramid Project: Affirmation Article Archives database

Index 1 ~ Index 2 ~ Index 3 ~ Date ~ Source
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Entertainment Consumer Behavior 13-Jul-07 USA Today
Who moved my cheese? And my soup?

Entertainment Consumer Comforts 17-Aug-07 USA Today
Sit down to the best of excess in Las Vegas

Entertainment Consumer Markets 03-Jul-07 USA Today
Stage shows for kids: A grown-up industry

Entertainment Technology Interaction 24-Jun-08 USA Today
3-D:Coming at you in home theater near you

Entertainment Technology Processes 11-Jul-07 USA Today
'Harry Potter' has 3-D on the brain



Environment Consumer Comforts 24-Jul-07 USA Today
Hotels use meeting themes to pump up volume

Environment Consumer Transport 08-Oct-07 USA Today
Big cities try to ease way for bicyclists

Environment Facility Cost 08-Oct-07 USA Today
CDC wastes millions on unnecessary perks

Environment Facility Design 30-Jul-07 USA Today
Narrowed roads gain acceptance in Colo.

Environment Facility Transport 08-Oct-07 USA Today
People-movers to get smaller

Environment Technology Research 05-Jul-07 USA Today
New batty packs powerful punch

Environment Technology Retail 11-Sep-07 USA Today
Oh, the places you'll go - on the Internet

Environment Facility Design 22-Jun-07 USA Today
It's posh to nosh by the pool



Gaming Consumer Markets 14-Aug-07 USA Today
Gamers who mean business

Gaming Consumer Markets 14-Aug-07 USA Today
Your next move: Watch, don't play, video games

Gaming Consumer Markets 27-Sep-07 USA Today
'Halo' takes industry to new heights

Gaming Consumer Markets 13-Jun-08 USA Today
Video game sales up 37% to $1.12B in May

Gaming Programming Themes 17-Jul-07 USA Today
New games come out swinging

Gaming Programming Themes 14-Aug-07 USA Today
Gamers ready to compete on TV and the Web

Gaming Technology Processes 25-Sep-07 USA Today
AI is A-OK in new games

Gaming Technology Processes 29-Sep-07 USA Today
Video game car ads change, update

Gaming Technology Retail 12-Jul-07 USA Today
Gamers grab for the action


Health & Healing:

Healing Consumer Behavior 19-Jun-07 USA Today
Your body's on the clock with circadian rhythms

Healing Consumer Behavior 25-Sep-07 CNN
Acupuncture, real or fake, better for backs

Health Consumer Behavior 13-Jun-07 USA Today
No age limit on stages of life

Health Consumer Behavior 13-Jun-07 USA Today
Bullies more prone to sleeping difficulties

Health Consumer Markets 16-Jul-07 USA Today
Marketers flex muscle at gyms

Health Technology Processes 27-Aug-07 USA Today
Forecast for solar power: Sunny

Health Technology Research 02-Jul-07 USA Today
Legs get some altitude to prevents clots



Information Consumer Behavior 27-Sep-07 USA Today
Teens driven to distraction

Information Consumer Interaction 27-Sep-07 USA Today
His fingers do the walking

Information Consumer Interaction 27-Sep-07 USA Today
Making a trek? Tech shows up everywhere

Information Education Process 08-Oct-07 USA Today
Innovation coming soon to a manager near you

Information Facility Cost 28-Jun-07 USA Today
Hawaii could see fewer conventions next year

Information Programming Processes 01-Aug-07 USA Today
Teachers, college students lead a Second Life

Information Technology Cost 25-Sep-07 USA Today
More hotels merge onto Wi-Fi highway

Information Technology Processes 11-Jul-07 USA Today
Microsoft cultures creativity in unique lab

Information Technology Retail 29-Jun-07 USA Today
Sunday begins new era for cable subscribers



Inspiration Education History 02-Jul-07 CBS News
Mystery chamber found in Chinese tomb

Inspiration Facility Design 27-Jul-07 USA Today
Cities go for art in a big, expanded way

Inspiration Facility Design 05-Aug-07 LA Times
Moscow's center going high-rise

Inspiration Facility Design 17-Aug-07 USA Today
Metropolis undergoing a mighty renewal

Inspiration Facility Design 31-Aug-07 USA Today
10 great places to be dazzled by humans' labor

Inspiration Programming Processes 23-Sep-07 Assoc. Press
MBA programs turns out green grads