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The Pyramid Project: Why and When

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The Pyramid Project: Why and When


The feasibility of any project of this magnitude is always based on the why and when. This project is no different. We can begin to understand the why each time we open the morning paper or sign onto the Internet. Everywhere we look prices soar, education stumbles, and the old live longer. Yet our social ability to understand the cause and affect of these trends continues to blur against a sky of misinformation.

To address these concerns, the Pyramid Project is designed as a segmented infrastructure rather than a specific business model. In this way, the project finds financial strength and consistency in being diversified in the following growing and emerging market segments:

Segment Type: Segment Projections:

  • Entertainment Global scale diversion
  • Health & Healing Aging “Baby Boomer” segment retiring
  • Corporate Information Shrinking “World Marketing” penetration
  • Media Expression Non-contact social network interaction
  • Specialized Education Next generation “Trade Schools”
  • Environmental Research Showcase for on-going “Green” technology


Standardization and modularization has never been more important. Now is the time to create a base for on-going product and process research while taking full advantage of global distribution. It will help you, the reader, to think of The Pyramid Project more as a laboratory than a facility at this point.

A laboratory in the sense that it can easily embrace the latest innovations in conjunction to market trends rather than being built as a static structure that is segment specific. Modularization in this context refers to how the Pyramid Project is designed to respond to each global location. It offers the opportunity to create a unique but standard footprint that allows for maximum utilization of current and future markets while minimizing site redesigns and build time.

The Pyramid Project also supports sustainable environmental technology at its’ very core. In consideration to growing concerns regarding energy and our new age of unpredictable weather, the project is committed to using geothermal power for its primary energy requirements as well as being a stand-alone revenue source. As a matter of course, the geothermal power plant will be the very first structure completed. Thereby allowing for immediate revenue from excess power while the site is being completed.

The “when” of creating this global network of facilities is now. No other time in the world has mankind created such a vacuum upon themselves. The Pyramid Project will stand as the flagship of resource, space, and marketing utilization in the beginnings of the 21st century. A place were the public can reinvest itself in compassionate capitalism. It is a business model that establishes integrity and shows financial responsibility to its investors, disclosure to its consumers, and respect to the planet.

I hope you the reader, regardless of your focus and interests, will allow yourself to gaze for a moment, as you view these pages, into a future that supports your own vision. In that light, I thank you for investing your time and allowing me to share this vision. A vision which empowers each of us to find the hope, the courage, and the comfort in exploring who we are and who we choose to become.