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The Pyramid Project: New and Emerging Markets Overview


As noted in the Why document, the Pyramid Project is designed as a segmented infrastructure rather than a specific business model. In this way, the project finds financial strength and consistency in being diversified in the following growing and emerging market segments:


Segment Types: Segment Projections:


I will briefly expand upon the above noted segments in order to better understand their inclusion and scope. The included concepts represent only the very tip of the project’s potential but are presented here as a point of departure. I will close each segment with a comment (in Italics) on the potential of “stand alone” products that will fall under the control of separate LLC corporate structures as noted in the Investment Features segment of this document.

Entertainment has throughout time demonstrated a resilient prosperity even during economic down turns. That will remain the case going forward. The big question is how will industry continue to refine its ability to measure, bill, and cost out the new media while making the process uncumbersome to the consumer. The answer of course is audience retention and media format adaptation.

Here the Pyramid Project’s strong use of “pre-show” harmonic waterfalls in conjunction to full surround digital film and play back allows for unprecedented opportunities to reformat and simulcast content to other facilities in real time. This environment also supports future “market share” development of viewer perspective programming to fill current 500 channel bandwidth potential.

Health & Healing as currently addressed by our health care system is failing. This system will continue to implode on itself until we reverse our approach. The old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has never been more true. Once again, the Pyramid Project’s extensive use of harmonics in conjunction to promoting a blending of “Eastern & Western” medicine and alternative healing will lead to a proactive inclusive and intuitive evaluation and treatment of our aging “baby boomer” generation as well as reeducating and inspiring our youth.

Further, the Pyramid Project approaches their treatment facility as a dynamic space rather than a static environment. This is accomplished by employing “Treatment Pods” which can be moved, exchanged and even shipped to other sites vs. traditional hard frame construction. Thus, allowing for real time dynamic scheduling.

Another emerging market is brain fitness. Again, with the onset of an aging boomer crowd, it is vital to engage in research that extends the mental process farther into the golden years. Simple opportunities to engage in traversing an in-house digital maze allow this mental exercise to become both entertaining and fun while serving the core needs of kids and seniors alike.

Corporate Information has grown into a billion dollar industry in recent years. The name of the game here is “retention”. I’m sure all of us, at one time or another, have been challenged to focus our attentions to the subject at hand only to be continually distracted by others and perhaps the space itself. Once again, the timely use of extensive harmonics has been shown to boost awareness and increase retention. The Pyramid Project’s Central and Module Arenas all offer this harmonic support while offering the very best in seating comfort and interactive feedback to the hosting organization.

The project will also be able to offer high-end interactive feedback to those groups that are required to conduct detailed user responses studies. Finally, integrating corporate training with the dynamic scheduling of the Health & Healing Treatment Pods allows for an increased understanding of stress and its affects in the work place.

Media Expression has just begun to form our understanding of what our youth will face in the coming years. Never before in the history of the World have we exposed a group to this magnitude of data detail and speed. We have in fact created a group that often oscillates between media withdrawal and distraction.

Media Expression is, for the most part, linked to the bandwidth of our media networks. As industry continues to expand bandwidth, the consumer will continue to find more comfort in defining their expressions in a remote vs. direct way. Whether the reason becomes gas, safety, or the environment; our youth will begin to spend less and less time directly interacting socially. It is equally important then for industry to create safe havens for social interaction to occur in conjunction to the Internet community at large. To this end, The Pyramid Project will introduce the “Virtual Commons” where some of us are real and some projected but, with all enjoying the moment.

The other major aspect to Media Expression is reflected by our social concerns over “violent” content in video games. At first glance, one might think that the intent of the user is purely to be violent. But I would suggest that it is more importantly based on the desire to have an affect. With the upswing in media delivery speed our youth is now conditioned to process data at an incredible rate. Life however still takes time.

If for example, little Jimmy is working to improve his grades, then he can’t make a difference until the next test a week from now. He can however power through two more levels of a dungeon or travel to the far reaches of space in a few hours! Hence, Jimmy gets his “got to affect something” fix in front of the monitor instead of studying for the test. The answer lies in not denying little Jimmy his passion to play, but rather to integrate that passion with gaming that also serves to teach.

With that said, The Pyramid Project is dedicated to building media venues that begin to guide the user back to a place where they are again able to exercise choice, restraint, and expression. Further, these venues will encourage our youth to reengage in the art of compassionate interpersonal interaction.

At the other end of the spectrum, the use of Arcade Pods is intended to set the stage for highly effective methods of focusing the user and honing their skills. This approach has been explored by corporate as a means of accelerating students from academics into a contributing roll within industry. The Arcade Pods also represent a stand alone mobile way to bridge corporate desires to qualify perspective students while they engage in the latest in mass roll playing social encounters.

Specialized Education has never been more needed. It is time for us to make the transition from an electronic to a virtual society. Whether a student is a bit behind in school, a single parent that needs to reinvent him or her self, or someone has lost a job as a result of global outsourcing, its time to take a stand. It’s time to lend a hand. Its time to help Jimmy succeed! With students today facing ever growing expectations for excellence, an average student might come to the conclusion “why even try”! Ironically, some of the very best minds of our culture were “slow starters” within the traditional classroom setting. The Pyramid Project is dedicated to supporting an educational dimension as it moves forward in its expansion around the world.

With a teaching facility designed to be open 18 hours a day and have a complimentary relationship to existing local public school systems, the project will strive to channel federal and state dollars into success stories. The Pyramid Project is dedicated to standardizing and refining the “trade school” model of the 21st century. Within the academic segment of the facility, we will find budding students mingling with some of the best and brightest minds that the world can offer. Further, this environment will encourage dialogue between captains of industry, environmentalists, and spiritualists.

Finally, we will work closely with the video game and entertainment industries to craft a curriculum that allows a student to immediately begin to contribute within an industrial setting prior to graduation. In this way The Pyramid Project can create a work pool that serves its own growth while also serving the local community in a socially environmental way.

Environmental Research has now become the buzzword for any large industrial worldwide effort and must remain a constant intention in all efforts to expand and evolve.

Here, the “lab” approach to facility design again serves us well. With a frame-based infrastructure, The Pyramid Project can explore new technology on a limited scale. With standardization in mind, successful products can easily be rolled out to all global sites while serving as a showcase for the latest innovations in the geothermal, solar, sustainability, and organic fields. Further, by diversifying testing to various sites, we can maximize the number of approaches we can research.

Whether exploring social, educational, or environmental topics, research is the life-blood of The Pyramid Project’s commitment to embracing product and process designs that support the planet from cradle to grave. At the end of the day, the most important consideration in conducting Environmental Research is simply that we “always” keep it in the forefront as we explore...


Final Thoughts

With the broad approach to market investments presented here, not one day will pass without realizing the growth of current and emerging markets. This approach will also serve to encourage current and future investors to confidently look forward to consistent profits while developing new opportunities for improving their community and planet. This is the new generation of investors. An investors who embrace compassionate capitalism of tomorrow’s world today…