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The Pyramid Project: Legal Process and Considerations


Timing is everything in this day and age. Going forward with a project of this nature is always a balancing act between disclosing enough information to solicit interest while not compromising some of the key features that relate to marketing strategies.

In general, I’ve found that most business minded parties are very reluctant to sign on the dotted line regarding a non-disclosure agreement. The usual reason given goes something like: “Well, I can’t sign this non-disclosure because I might be working on something just like it already and I don’t need the legal issue. It’s OK, just show me what you have and we can follow up later if we need to”.

Now, from a legal perspective, signing a non-disclosure is more about a timeline than anything else. If, for example, the party was in fact already engaged with a similar project then their own paper trail would support their position against any claims that could be made.

If on the other hand, no such project exists, then we could if necessary demonstrate material access in court to support our project going forward. So, in the best interest of the project and all those who choose to invest, I will actively pursue a current accounting of non-disclosures going forward beyond the information currently made available on this site.

As always, it is in the best interest of all interested parties to enlist qualified legal council to evaluate any and all legal documents. The Non-disclosure agreement included on the following pages can be made available under separate cover in advance of any meeting.


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