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The Pyramid Project: Key Personnel: J.J. Vicol

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John J. Vicol



Senior engineer with depth of experience in engineering equipment, products and processes. Skills across the spectrum of conceptualization, operations, project execution, product development, technology transfer, personnel development, and customer relations.


Areas of Effectiveness

• Strong communication skills with over 35 years in business activities as Chief Engineer, General Manager, Plant Manager, Department Manager, Production Manager, and Technical Sales Representative.

• Skilled at task prioritizing associated with departmental or project activities. Perceptive in identifying and assessing individual personnel potentials and team structuring.

• Strong problem solving ability. Condition evaluation, solution development and implementation.

• Adept at recognizing client requirements, developing rapport, and assessing business opportunities.

Proficient computer skills utilizing Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and other business programs.

Efficient in the use and comprehension of 2-D, and 3D CAD tools and techniques.


Business Development

Created the formation of a Research and Development company with a prime focus on the drag racing industry.

• Selected suitable computers, peripheral equipment (printers, plotters etc.) and software.

Acquired and fabricated equipment required to prototype, test, and refine performance parts.

• Working on the development and implementation of strategies to acquire and maintain a customer base.

• Focusing on the prime objective of product development, testing, refinement and documentation for manufacturing.


Developed and executed the production restructuring of a Travel Trailer manufacturing company.

• Evaluated operations of three existing product lines and the introduction of two new lines.

• Supervised building alterations, equipment selection, personnel staffing and assembly techniques.

Initiated management training and profit sharing programs.

• Changes resulted in a 15% increase in market share and the reduction in labor costs by 20%.


Introduced and implemented plan to increase production for a Hazardous Waste Secondary Containment portable structure fabrication plant.

Modified overall production operations, assembly techniques and personnel assignments.

• Negotiated contracts for the upgrading of tools, equipment and raw materials.

Resulting production performance increased by 50% and "Bottom Line" profit by 15 to 20%.


Created the formation of a fully computerized drafting and design company.

• Conducted recruitment and selection of engineers, designers, checkers, and support personnel.

Selected suitable computers, peripheral equipment (printers, plotters etc.) and software.

Developed and implemented marketing strategies to acquire and maintain a solid customer base.

Initiated and conducted computer training programs associated with related business activities.


Strategic Planning and Marketing

Organized and implemented marketing plan for the resurrection of declining "specialty steel products" sales in the San Francisco Bay area.

• Surveyed existing conditions, addressed customer complaints, and reestablished customer rapport.

• Implemented internal program to support and coach staff on "specialty steel products" sales techniques.

• Coordinated efforts working with state and local authorities to further develop customer base.

Overall program results increased customer base by 30% and "specialty products" sales by 80%.


Coordinated the development and execution of a marketing plan to restore purchasing activities of Lockheed-California Co., a $4 million plus account.

• Chaired discussions between our sales department, Lockheed's purchasing and engineering departments to resolve account handling issues.

• Developed and demonstrated special account handling procedures to insure future account performance.

• Presented alternative proposals for current active projects reflecting cost savings and shorter delivery schedules.

• With personal commitments and procedures in place, account activity was restored with additional activities in specialty fabrication.


Project Management

Coordinated team efforts to secure contract with Rockwell International for development of the AFT Intermediate Fuselage assembly area of the "B-1 Bomber" contract.

• Directed team efforts in design finalization, in-house engineering, structural fabrication, and conducted pre-shipment testing procedures.

• Negotiated contracts for engineering studies and field installation services.

• Oversaw all phases of project including bi-weekly visits to installation site located in Mojave, California.

• Successful execution of project schedule within budgetary restraints resulting in numerous additional (Request for Quotation) opportunities and a solid new customer.


Maintained ongoing relationship with Lawrence Livermore Lab in execution of their Department of Energy contract.

• Reviewed all fabrication quotations and negotiated delivery schedules.Insured compliance with material tractability, fabrication and inspection procedures as outlined in project contracts.

• Developed special internal account handling procedures to allow the fabrication and delivery of 10 to 11 projects per year averaging $35,000 to $40,000 each.

• Supported sales staff in the securing of "Special Fabrication Projects" for Steams-Rogers Inc. in their completion of The Vandenberg Space Shuttle Launch Project.

• Oversaw efforts to secure contracts for the fabrication and delivery of two rolling gantry platforms.

• Collaborated with existing contractors to finalize design configuration and delivery schedules.

• Directed all project phases including detailing, specialty material purchasing, fabrications and pre-shipment testing.

•The successful execution of the project resulted in additional bid opportunities and general materials purchasing for the duration of the Launch Project.



SMART MACHINES INC.; Martinsville, Virginia 1997 to Pres.

Senior Engineer


VICS ENGINEERING; Ridgeway, Virginia 2002 to Pres.



ORBITAL ENGINEERING INC.; Cleveland, Ohio 1993 to 1997

Senior Designer


JSC ENTERPRISES INC.; Geneva, Ohio 1990 to 1996



ZARLINGA INDUSTRIES INC.; Mentor, Ohio 1989 to 1990

Senior Estimator


JOHNS SERVICE CENTER; Ashtabula, Ohio 1987 to 1989

General Manager


CHEM-STORING.; Gilroy, California 1986 to 1987

Plant Manager


HOPPER INC. 1982 to 1986

Project Coordinator/Fabrication Sales; Santa Clara, California
Assistant Manager of Engineering;
Bakersfield, California


SSP INDUSTRIES INC.; Visalia, California 1980 to 1982

Department Manager



United States Air Force; Rantol, Illinois Flight Simulator Electronics

Merced Junior College; Merced, California Engineering and General Education

College of the Sequoias; Visalia, California Business and General Education

Bay Area Technical Institute; San Jose, California Computer Aided Drafting

60 Hours + Professional Development Continuing Education

Ongoing Seminars & Development AutoCAD, AutoDesk Inventor,

FEA and associated programs



NHRA (National Hot Rod Association)

IHRA (International Hot Rod Association)

Past NAAUG (North American AutoCAD Users Group)

Past NAAUG (North American AutoCAD Users Group)

Co-Inventor (Modularized Building for Storage of Hazardous Materials) patent #29500.911.