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The Pyramid Project: Expressions Module

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Illustration: Expression Module “Arcade Pod” Perspective Isometric View

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xpression Module “Arcade Pod”

Illustration: Expression Module “Arcade Pod” Perspective Isometric View


The Expression Module features the same pod tracking grid employed in the Treatment pod theme. This theme however embraces an immersive virtual reality combined with state of the art motion based simulator Arcade Pods.

• The Arcade Pods are designed to engage one, two, three, or five passengers. The one seat pods offer full 360 degree rotation. The two seat pods allow for 360 degree roll and + or - 15 degree tilt. Finally, the three and five seat versions allow for + or - 15 degree tilt in all directions. The pods are equipped with frequency resonators, HD video, and 5 channel digital audio to further enhance the environmental experience.

• The entire grid tracking deck is trimmed out in a “Star Wars” way to further emphasize the theme.

• All participants are interacting within a massive role-playing gaming environment that is also accessible on-line. This virtual universe also serves as a tie in to an audience participation role-playing action adventure TV series presented during an “after school” time slot in the Central Arena.

• Selected interaction from players both on and off sight will be digitally broadcast in a 3D fashion to a peer audience in the Expression Module’s Arena.

• Like the Treatment Pods, the Arcade Pods are designed as a stand alone product that can be placed in other facilities to increase market exposure and promote up coming events.