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The Pyramid Project: Health & Healing Mod.

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Illustration: Health & Healing Module “Treatment Pod” Perspective Isometric View

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Health & Healing Module “Treatment Pod

Illustration: Health & Healing Module “Treatment Pod” Perspective Isometric View


The Health & Healing Module features a pod tracking grid that allows various types of Treatment Pods to be staged in and out of 12 access bays. The footprint of all the pods is standardized to support costing while allowing pod types to be highly specialized regarding treatment support.

• The basic pod footprint also allows pods to be stored off-site and transported via the below ground Trans Tube System. The overall size of the pods also comply with interstate highway shipping regulation to allow for site to site transport via truck.

• The mobile Treatment Pods will be supplied by a stand alone company with the intent of creating a treatment network accessible to malls, other healthcare facilities, and emergency disaster sites.

With regard to The Pyramid Project, the pods allow for real time dynamic scheduling of large and small groups alike. The client will also enjoy an uninterrupted experience while in their session by virtue of a pass through access panel during in-session treatments.

• The entire deck can be made visible to the module’s arena level as an additional opportunity to solicit awareness and interest in exploring the treatment offerings.