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The Pyramid Project: Entertainment Module

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Illustration: Entertainment Module “Maze Theme” Perspective Isometric View

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Entertainment Module “Maze Theme”

Illustration: Entertainment Module “Maze Theme” Perspective Isometric View


The Entertainment Module features a unique offering that combines both the classic and state of the art forms of a maze. The maze is located on the Module’s third level and can be seen from the fourth level semi translucent dance floor within the Module’s Arena.

• The maze is however a huge departure from those days of the county fair in that it is fully digital. This allows it to change the active path in real time. Further, each panel in the maze can be fitted with sensor frequency transmitters (i.e. temperature, light, harmonics, etc.) to support human sensory response studies. If for example, we wish to explore our ability to perceive a harmonic frequency beyond our normal hearing range, then by setting the “panel path” with that frequency we can observe our ability to “sense” our way through the maze.

• The maze also serves as an opportunity to refine communication skills in the “Corporate training market” by allowing a team member to guide their team through the maze in real time.

• On a lighter note, the entire maze can be offered to the brave and adventurous during dancing events as a general self amusement to the crowd by seeing and not being seen by the maze goers.

• Finally, the entire maze grid can be fully programmed to serve as a traditionally lighted dance floor.