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The Pyramid Project: Design Team


Visions like children are born into the world. This has never been more true than for The Pyramid Project. In mid February of 2007, I began channeling the design into the world at a notable rate. I found to my pleasure and amazement that seemingly every project I have invested myself into during the past 35 years contributed to my ability to understand and appreciate the scope and elegance of the project as it unfolded before me.

To this end, I completed the conceptual design in early May of 2008 which represents 2500 hours of design time. An additional 2 months of time was invested to create this presentation. Going forward, Ill continue to serve as the conceptual designer with special emphasis on continuity as each design discipline is added into the mix required to manifest the prototype build.

It will be very important to invest extra care in the early stages of qualifying the design’s modular tooling. This approach, more than any other single effort, will have the largest impact on future franchise unit costs. With that in mind, I have the pleasure of utilizing the unprecedented skills of my brother John.

Like me, John has and continues to excel in every industry that he chooses to invest himself. Whether working under the scrutiny of a military contractor's effort during the B1 bomber project to inventing a harmonic approach to harvesting almonds, he is always at home in the field of the unknown. It is this balance of creative accountability that makes him perfectly suited to serve as the master liaison to the engineering community.

As for myself, my career has also taken me from serving as the technical director of an amusement park built in Japan, to creating an entirely new system of virtual digital assembles for General Motors. As the base of the core design team, John and I will spend the majority of our time qualifying the conceptual design, standardizing data to and from designers, and expanding the team.

In addition to ourselves, we will conduct a search for complimentary team members that will complete the marketing aspects of researching the current and emerging markets noted earlier in this document. Further, we will enjoy finding an architectural firm steeped in the passion for creating cost effective sustainable approaches to construction.

In the end of this process, I will personally enjoy working in a team environment that allows for the new approaches while not settling on the first one submitted

I have included a brief summary of John and my own resumes on the Key Personnel Page. This will allow you, the reader, to better understand the combined 77 years of breath, scope, and expertise that we bring to this dynamic project.