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The Pyramid Project: Budget (Phase I)

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The Pyramid Project: Projected Budget Notes
Projected Budget Totals:


In brief, I have included a projected budget for Phase I of the project. This budget is designed both as a timeline and outlay of investment funding. It is also broken down into sub phases and tasks within those sub phases. In this way, both the investors and production team can continue to understand and monitor the design process.

The budget does not include any Phase 0 costing. Nor does it include the conceptual design fee which has been deferred until we have completed funding of Phase II. In this way, we can minimize any non-critical project cost while maximizing our current Phase I funding. Further, all production team members will be engaged as independent contractors for the duration of Phase I and the majority of Phase II until a key core team can be determined.

To date, I have a standing agreement with John J. Vicol for a two year contract totaling $200 K. This contract will be supported by a interest bearing escrow account with payouts on a monthly basis. I will be drawing against a $78 K annual account.

Please note that the budget is task based vs. position based. In the beginning of the design qualification process, I will be required to work in every area to insure a timely and complete sharing of the design concept and related specifications. John will also spend a considerable amount of time setting up the drawing standards and capturing the initial design from the virtual 3D model file which I created in Phase 0. As Phase I progresses, John will begin to hand off daily drafting tasks to other team members while beginning to create design bid packages and coordinate overall project engineering considerations.

Like all good budgets, we have reserved in excess of 10% of the total financing to allow for unexpected opportunities to embrace new technology or refine the design in a more modular cost effective way. Finally, the budget included in this document is “projected” vs. final. Any questions or insights that you the potential investor, designer, or lay person might have regarding the revision of any line item is greatly appreciated.









The Pyramid Project: Projected Budget Totals: