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The Pyramid Project: Notes

Guiding Your Visions into the

Note from the Author:


Welcome Investors, Designers, and thoughtful Citizens to an exciting opportunity to explore solutions regarding some of the key concerns we face today and in the coming years.

Within these pages, I will guide you through the why, when, where, and how of some of our current social needs. With that established, I will share an elegant approach to meeting those needs by embarking on a journey to create The Pyramid Project.

In a traditional sense, this is not a fully realized business plan, do to the complex nature of the project and the emerging markets it will serve, but rather an Investment Proposal designed as a point of departure. A proposal that will take us from the front pages of our News media to a facility design that will serve as a platform for future growth in key industries as the World begins to turn the corner on true sustainable living.

In that light, this proposal outlines a request for the seed capital required to create the business plan. We are always temped at this stage to estimate the numbers for cost and revenue that make the bottom line appealing. This would however be an unforgiving approach to this project. Here instead, we are challenged to examine the finest detail of true cost and revenue to determine the perfect balance of capital, location, offering, time and price points that will create a solid foundation for a global franchise.

So, with an open mind and a honest desire, join me in reviewing the next pages as we explore a blending of ancient wisdom with the leading edge of technology to create the foundations for compassionate capitalism within our future…


Knowingly Yours,